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Two Dermatology Registrars are based at the ARMC.

Dermatology Registrars in Victoria attend clinics at the other teaching hospitals, as part of their 4 year training program, and are generally based at a different hospital for each year of their program.


ARMC Dermatology Registrars (Registrars based at other hospitals)

2001: Dr N Bleasel; Dr A Ciconte; Dr B Rajagopalan (Drs A Chong, C Kearney, V Morgan, L Scardamaglia).

2000: Dr P Curnow; Dr E Poon (Drs S Chandra, M Mohammed, J Nicolopoulos, L Scardamaglia).

1999: Dr C Kearney; Dr D Gill (Drs N. Bleasel, S Chandra, A Mar, B Welsh).

1998: Dr L Hale; Dr A Hall (Drs A Mar, M Mohammed, V Morgan, J Yeatman).

1997: Dr D Orchard; Dr L Hale (Drs P Foley, C Smith, M Tam, J Su, B Welsh)

1996: Dr B Welsh; Dr J Yeatman (Drs P Foley, M Lee, D Orchard, J Su)

1995: Dr M Tam; Dr M Lee (Drs J Fewings, C McCormack, R Sinclair, J Su, J Yeatman)

1994: Dr D McColl; Dr C Smith (Drs P Foley, C McCormack, R Sinclair, B Tate)